Choosing And Preparing For The Right Preschool

One of the most important things that parents must put their attention to is their child’s education. It is something that must be planned well and monitored well. Why? Because it is a necessity of man and as early as possible, a child must already have a proper education from a proper school. Preparing for your child’s education is not easy. Parents should make sure that his/her child is ready for school. There are a lot of other things to consider and parents should make sure that they planned about it so well.

If your child is about to go to school, then you should read Aimee Geroux’s article which will tell you how to prepare your toddler for school.

How To Prepare Your Toddler For School

Junior kindergarten is an important step for every young child. During junior kindergarten, kids learn the basics they need for the rest of their school years. The experts are not kidding when they say the first five years are fundamentally important. Whether your little one is in daycare or at home with you, you need to be involved in their learning.

When my oldest daughters were young they attended daycare as I was a single mom working full-time. While they learned a great deal in daycare, I made it a daily routine to read and teach my girls the basics.

With Bella, I have been blessed to be a work-at-home mom. I have loved being home with Bella to teach her all that she needs to know to enter school. This is especially important to me because Bella was born premature. Coming into the world in late December instead of on my scheduled c-section date in 2014 means she will start school at 3-years-old.

I won’t lie, I have thought many times about holding her back for a year. It is a decision I have contemplated in my head as I lay in bed night after night. And every time I come to the same conclusion, I feel in my heart she is ready. I also believe a little bit more structure and rules will do her a world of good! Read more here.

Teaching your child basic knowledge beforehand would be a big help in preparing your child for school. You can already teach them at home alphabets, numbers, shapes, writing names, and others. Doing this would actually make things easier and lighter for your child in school.

Another thing to consider before sending your child to school is choosing the right school. In a country like Singapore, there are many preschools around but we cannot just choose a school because it is near your home or the fees are cheaper. That is why Chelsia Tan will help us with this matter by giving us four things to look out for when choosing the right preschool for your child.

Nursery at Tanglin in Singapore: 4 things to look out for when choosing the right preschool for your child

New to the whole process of selecting the best nursery for your three-year-old? Thankfully, Singapore’s not short on preschools that offer a holistic education, and one such example is the Nursery at Tanglin. Tanglin Trust School prides itself on specialising in British-based education developed to reflect the needs and circumstances of its children. The Nursery at Tanglin combines child-focused learning with the latest educational research and best practice. Here, Victoria Thomas, Head of Nursery, tells us more.

A close-knit community

It may be located within a large campus, but the nursery is a warm, welcoming and stimulating setting, offering a fun and happy learning environment for all children. Each class of 20 is guided by a teacher and two teaching and learning assistants, and there are shared areas within the nursery to encourage interaction across classes. What’s more, if you’re planning on continuing your child’s education at Tanglin, this place prepares children for the rest of their learning journey. Read more here.

A close-knit community, an out-of-the-classroom syllabus, a dedicated team, and an open-door policy are really some things that we should look for when choosing a school for your child. Chelsia Tan has given a good example which is the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore. So if you are living near the area, then you should probably consider sending your child to that school. If not, My Little Campus also provides nursery services at a few different locations, head over to to find out more.

Parents also have some questions in mind about whether a bigger school is better or not.  Lianne Chia will then tell us if bigger is really better. She will also tell us the role of mega centers in Singapore’s pre-school landscape.

Is bigger really better? The role of mega centres in Singapore’s pre-school landscape

Large childcare centres are becoming an increasingly common sight in Singapore’s pre-school landscape. Channel NewsAsia’s Lianne Chia looks at the benefits of these centres, and the unique challenges they face.

SINGAPORE: Carrying a green backpack and wearing the distinctive white, blue and red uniform of Singapore’s largest pre-school operator PCF Sparkletots, six-year-old Larren Kiw smiled shyly as he arrived at his school in Marsiling.

Spanning 3,000 square metres, the bright, airy centre is the anchor operator’s largest yet, with capacity to take in 370 children. There are green walls, a rooftop playground, and lots of space for children like Larren to try their hand at planting – and harvesting – vegetables.

Larren is enjoying the facilities today, but it has not always been the case: This is the third pre-school he has attended. Read more here.

One thing that students can benefit from big schools is the large play areas and outdoor gardens which could also contribute a lot to a child’s learning. So if you could ever afford to send your child to mega centers, then you should not hesitate to do so. Having a child is not easy because you have to take extra care of them. You have to carefully plan for everything because it would be for their future. When it comes to education, you should give your best in preparing them for it because it is an important part of their life which will contribute a lot for their future.