Key Points to Consider When Choosing Tuition Centers for International School Students in Singapore

The tuition culture in Singapore is sometimes considered quite intense. The tuition industry is worth more than $1billion annually. This culture is, however, not reserved for the students studying the Singapore system. Parents of students in international schools are part of the 80% who believe tuition will help improve their children’s grade.

However, it is important for parents of children studying the various curricular, besides the local one, to be cautious when choosing a tutor or tuition center. According to the statistics of children who seek tuition, based on the level of education, 57% of the students are in primary school, 21% are in secondary, 8% are in Junior college and IB, and 6% study the IGCSE system.

Get a tutor who understands the curriculum

The greatest ratio of tutors are teaching students who are in the local schools. Before signing your child up for tuition, it is important for you to find out if the tutor has any experience with the curriculum.

Using a tutor who has no idea about the teaching approaches of the system of education will only confuse your child further. There is a need for continuity in the method used to help the child understand his teachers and the lessons better.

Decide between tutor centers and one-on-one tutor

Some children respond well when studying with other students at the student center, while others need individual attention. It is essential for you to understand the needs of your child. If putting him in a class with other students will not be productive, it is best to look for a tutor who will give him the attention he needs to catch up with his classwork and overcome challenges he faces in school.

When choosing a tuition center, if possible, get one that only caters for students of the education system your child is in. Your child will likely meet other students facing the same challenges, and because they study the same thing, it will be easier for them to work as a team.

Discuss your expectations with the tutors

If you have chosen to take your child for extra lessons at a tuition center, it is vital for you to meet with the tutors to discuss what you expect of them. If, for example, you hope to see your child’s grades improve, but would also like to witness him gaining confidence in the subject, it is best to discuss all this with the tutor.

A good tutor will be able to incorporate your expectations using a teaching style that would be more involving. This way, your child will eventually step up and learn to communicate confidently because he understands the subject.

Seek a trial session

Before paying for a long-term session, especially if you are not sure about the capabilities of the tutors at the tuition center, request for a trial session. The trial period should be sufficient for you to gauge your child’s response, and for you to be able to determine if you made the right decision or if you should move on to another center.

The decision to enroll your child to a tuition center is heavily dependent on his potential, and the availability of excellent tuition services for the curriculum you are interested in. If you have no idea where to send your child, you could ask his school’s teachers for referrals.