Is pre-schooling a great way to prepare your kid for the kindergarten

If you have made a tentative decision to admit your kid to a pre-school, you are advised to firm it up because a pre-school education will very effectively prepare your kid suitably so he will be able to adapt to the new and more structured environment that prevails in the kindergartens in Singapore . Let us now delve a little deep into this.

1. Though you, as a parent, may not have a deep understanding of the feelings of kids, you may not need a special type of education to know that children have an emotional side as well. This means that when they are suddenly exposed to a stricter and more structured environment that generally prevails in a kindergarten, they may get emotionally upset. This is not good for their mental growth. Not only that, when they are not able to cope with the new ambiance, their confidence may get a severe beating.

On the contrary, if you ensure that your kid gets a pre-school education, you can be certain that the child gets at least some exposure to a structured environment. This will do a world of good in preparing his mind appropriately for transitioning to the kindergarten stage.

2. A good pre-school will suitably jump-start the education process of your kid. All along, your child may have lived in the cozy ambiance of your home and you have been providing him with all the guidance. Of course, you may have taught him a few little things. But whatever little things you have taught him may not be of much use in molding him or making him school-ready.

On the other hand, a good pre-school will make your kid school-ready or to be more specific, kindergarten-ready. This means that a pre-school is not exactly a school in the strictest sense though there may be rules and a structured ambiance in it also. In other words, children will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a pre-school but at the same time, they will learn some of the minor but very important things such as following instructions or directions, obeying rules, and so on. They may be able to convey their needs to the school staff and teachers more clearly as well.

There is an additional benefit if you put your kid in a pre-school. When he reaches the kindergarten stage, you, as a parent, need not put forth any extra efforts nor do you need to worry about how he will cope with the slightly more difficult lessons he is taught in his kindergarten.

3. Your kid may have a lot of scope to interact, talk, and listen to other children studying in the pre-school in which you have admitted him. The more he mingles with other children, the better will be his social skills. This will pave way for improving his soft and inter-personal skills that will be useful for him when he grows up as an adult.

On the contrary, if you decide against admitting your child in a pre-school, you will be torpedoing his chances of acquiring such soft skills. Never forget the fact that nowadays, employers expect excellent soft skills from their employees. Even entrepreneurs need lots of soft and inter-personal skills. In fact, when your kid reaches the kindergarten stage, his soft skills will help him in a number of ways.

4. Good pre-schools will have trained teachers and staff who will guide and teach your kid to be more cooperative with everyone. There will be a number of activities in which your child may be asked to participate as a team member. These activities may demand a lot of coordination among the children. In other words, by admitting your child in a pre-school, you will be enhancing his capabilities to coordinate with others. This will improve his chances of shining in the kindergarten ambiance as well.

In short, pre-schooling is certainly a great way to prepare your kid for the kindergarten education.