Best qualities to look for in Kindergarten teachers

Best qualities to look for in Kindergarten teachers

Teachers play a very important role in the life of a child and although teachers are important at every level, the pivotal role is played by kindergarten teachers, because it is the beginning point for the child in the outer world. Good teachers in the preschool set the tone for the perception of the child towards the school, towards the world and towards learning in general.

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So, here are some of the traits you should be looking for in kindergarten teachers as per the article by Teacher Elementary.


Patience is a must when teaching kindergarten. Small children are unpredictable. They may test their teacher’s patience regularly by being easily distracted or disruptive. There are days when some students are overly tired, hungry, not feeling well or just not in the mood to learn. Kindergarten teachers must be able to adjust lesson plans accordingly and not get stressed out over unforeseen issues. Read more here!

 A kindergarten teacher has to have patience otherwise, she will become frustrated with the children very easily. Kindergartens are undergoing a lot of developmental and behaviors changes and ay test the patience of their teacher by being moody, hungry, tired or distracted, so in order to deal with all the issues of the children, a teacher should have patience as the topmost quality.

In addition to working with the children, the parents of the children can also test the patience of the teachers at length. Preschool teachers are the first form of interaction the parents have in the education system, and the teachers have to be patient to explain everything to them and help in easing their minds.

In addition to this, there are some traits which successful kids have in common as told by by Merete L. Kropp, Contributor,and a kindergarten teacher. Read on to find out about these traits:

Make choices.

Children will be given many opportunities in school to make choices. They will choose what to play on the playground. They will choose activities and books in the classroom. Read More here.

Every child has different traits but some of the children who do exceptionally well in kindergarten are those who can make their own decisions. It suggests that they have been given the opportunity at home to make choices and they are able to execute that knowledge in the classroom and make wise decisions like which game to play or which book to read. Also, children who are able to make connections and communicate their needs to others are much more easily able to adapt to the kindergarten and enjoy it. It is also important for the child to handle disappointment and sustain attention in the classroom.


The following article by PBS parents discusses tips for evaluating the environment of a kindergarten classroom.

Do the teacher and children talk together often?

Look for environments in which children and teachers talk together about new words and ideas. Environments in which teachers listen to children and ask them questions are best for language development. Read more here.

Communication is the most important part of any classroom, if the students and the teachers are able to connect, then the classroom becomes heaven. The teachers should talk to the children often and try to understand their wants and needs. It is important that the classroom should have a daily reading session where the teachers read aloud a book to the children and ask for their views and encourages their feedback. It allows the children to develop comprehensive and listening skills.

Thus, a good kindergarten classroom is one where complete attention is given to the child and he is able to respond to his needs and get adapted to the world. It is pivotal for the teachers to be passionate, patient, creative, flexible, respectful and highly energetic in order to cope up with a classroom full of healthy 5-6 years old energetic kids.

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